Big dreams require

new beginnings. 

We are in!

We invite prominent technology experts and brilliant startups desiring to "create value" and "make a difference" in the technology world, to become a part of Türkiye’s technology ecosystem, the new creative hub of the world.

With its unique history, rich culture and magnificent nature With all the opportunities of modern life Türkiye, the gate where the West opens to the East and the East opens to the West, offers unique opportunities in all fields of life.

Won't you join us?

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Türkiye Tech Visa is an exclusive invitation program for talents with critical expertise in technology and startups with innovative business models and technology based studies.

Within the scope of Türkiye Tech Visa, we provide talents and startups with many privileges and opportunities that accelerate their participation of Turkish technology ecosystem and make their lives easier in our country.

  • 3-year work permit exclusive for Türkiye Tech Visa 
  • Simplified residence permit processes for families
  • Income tax and corporate tax exemptions
  • Comprehensive free healthcare assurance
  • Office opportunities in technoparks and incubation centers
  • Venture capital investments and project financing supports
  • Mentoring and consultancy support
  • And a dedicated partner for more

Türkİye is the right address to unleash

your true potential.

Türkiye will be a springboard for you.

Prominent technology experts desire to take part in groundbreaking and future shaping projects, they want to be part of the teams with big goals, work in advanced infrastructures and focus on success.

There are many companies, institutions and projects that will provide these opportunities and atmosphere in Türkiye. World-famous unmanned aerial vehicles, electric cars and much more…

In Türkiye, you may find the work opportunity which you can improve yourself and create value.

Startups can find the necessary environment in Türkiye to become a giant tech company, just as seeds grow and develop rapidly on fertile lands.

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The passion and awareness of technology

development has surrounded whole Türkİye

It has all the opportunities a startup would need.

You can employ qualified human resources with competitive wages.

You can have the know-how you need or acquire partners in a developed culture of cooperation.

The Government stands ready to facilitate the work of startups. You can easily access support and incentives.You can scale quickly with a large domestic market.

Türkiye's location offers unique opportunity to access global markets as well.

Türkiye is literally at the center of the world.



Türkiye has achieved to build an advanced technology ecosystem with its stable investments.

The heart of technology in Türkiye beats in technology development zones, also known as technoparks. In other words, in cooperation and interaction centers where broad incentives are provided for technology development activities. More than 8 thousand companies create value with their R&D projects in 101 technoparks spread throughout the country.

There is a large ecosystem too, except from technoparks. 200 thousand researchers develop technology in more than 1500 R&D centers.

More than 200 universities in Türkiye lead advanced technology studies. Researchers of the world’s top universities prefer universities in Türkiye. Even in the last few years, hundreds of senior researchers and academics have joined the Turkish technology ecosystem.

Global companies are positioning R&D centers of their global operations in Türkiye.

More than a hundred global companies have R&D centers in Türkiye.

Türkiye has a very strong defense, aviation and space industry. Türkiye's success in unmanned aerial vehicle can be shown as an example of this success. And this accomplishment is actually the sign of huge ecosystem and capacity.

Türkiye's competencies in the informatics have also started to be known all over the world. Many projects and initiatives have been implemented in areas such as 5G, cyber security, and fintech.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem is also growing rapidly. In 2021, venture capital investments increased 9 times year over year and reached 1.6 billion dollars. Türkiye ranks 10th in Europe and 2nd in the Middle East and North Africa region in terms of startup investments.

Thanks to these investments, the Turkish startup ecosystem managed to receive 2 “decacorns” and 4 "unicorns" in the last two years. There are nearly a dozen other startups we expect to be unicorns in less than a year. Türkiye is becoming a unicorn factory.

Conferences, meetings, festivals, seminars and more are held to bring together academicians from different fields of expertise, investors, potential customers and technology enthusiasts in Türkiye every year.



Young and dynamic.

Türkiye is the largest and youngest country in Europe with a population of 85 million and the median age of 32. Moreover, with more than 8 million university students, it ranks in the top 10 of the world in higher education. In Türkiye, more than 1.2 million young people graduate from universities every year.

An educated young generation is Türkiye's greatest wealth.

Youth means agility and innovation; means dynamism and energy.

The energy you need exist in this country whether you come to show your talent as a technologist or come with your startup to implement your idea!



You will find yourself.

These lands, which have embraced different cultures, hosted different beliefs and protected different traditions for centuries, are growing rich lives with a modern perspective.

Turkish people are known for their hospitality and sincerity. You will not feel like a foreigner in Türkiye. Our society is tolerant of different lifestyles. You live your life comfortably. You can experience all the possibilities of city life in worl class from sports and music.

Turkish cuisine is very rich. There is a risk of gaining some weight, but you can balance it with exercise. You can access the highest level of educational opportunities for yourself and your family.

Comfort, peace, fun, development… You decide which one you want; you can find them all in Türkiye. 



Your health is entrusted to us.

If you're moving to a new country, one of the most important questions is to access to healthcare. But this is not a problem in Türkiye.

The public health system in Türkiye has well developed physical conditions, infra-structure and human resources. Even during the pandemic process, health services could be provided at high quality.

The world has accepted the quality of Turkish hospitals and doctors. Every year, tens of thousands of people come to Türkiye from all over the world just for treatment.

Moreover, health services in Türkiye are provided completely free of charge for a small premium.

Your health is entrusted to us. 



Endless discoveries are awaiting you.

Türkiye is a real paradise on earth with its amazing nature, history, culture, archaeological sites and gastronomic stops offering unique tastes. What you need to do in this country, with a tourism potential for 4 seasons, is to choose your route and prepare your suitcase.

In UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, Türkiye has 19 heritage sites, 17 of which are cultural and 2 of which are mixed. With 531 beaches, Türkiye is the 3rd country with the most blue flags in the world, and there is room for every shade of blue on its glamorous beaches. It also hosts flavor stops with its "creative cities" selected by UNESCO in the field of gastronomy.