to the tech giants of the future

We offer extensive support

You spent months or years trying to develop an idea, taking all the risks. Now you target to grow without being trapped into geographical borders. Maybe your startup will turn into the billion dollar giant company of the future. At this point, Tech Visa offers comprehensive support to the technology giants of the future.

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The energy necessary for the growth of your enterprise exists in Türkİye.

Türkiye means a large economy and a developed, large society. Türkiye is the 13th largest country in the world by purchasing power parity. It has a young and dynamic population of 85 million.

Türkiye's median age is only 32. It is as young as 15 years in some developed countries. This means a young, productive new generation that you can’t find in other countries.


1) 3 Year Work Permit

When you come to Türkiye under Tech Visa, you can easily bring along your staff. Or you can recruit talents from other countries in your team. Because we apply exceptions special for this program in permits to employ foreign personnel. These exceptions apply to both partners and employees.

2) Welcome Consultancy Service

Türkiye is well-known for its hospitality. For this reason, we welcome all startups that come to our country by saying "Welcome".

  • How can I establish a company in Türkiye?
  • Where do I find a legal expert to navigate tax and other legislation in Türkiye?
  • Where can I find office space that fits my needs?
  • Where can I connect in person with mentors to find guidance and support?
  • How can I take advantage of government support programs in Türkiye?

For the answers to questions, you have our full support.

With the Türkiye Tech Visa’s welcome consultancy, we provide answers to all these questions free of charge. From free company establishment consultancy and tax and legislation consultancy to free office facilities and the chance to connect with valuable mentors and the opportunity to take advantage of government support in areas ranging from R&D to marketing are waiting for you. With all these resources at your fingertips, you can launch your startup in Türkiye with momentum.

3) Office Opportunity in Technoparks

Setting up shop in technoparks is the most effective and fastest way to be a part of the technology ecosystem. The Tech Visa Program offers all the necessary convenience you can think of to be part of a technopark that best suits your need out of nearly 101 technoparks that dot the map of Türkiye.

4) Türkiye Tech Visa Fund

The Türkiye Tech Visa Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to startups that are part of the Türkiye Tech Visa Program, acknowledging the crucial role that access to finance plays in the success of startups globally. With the Türkiye Tech Visa Fund, finding financing for your startup is no longer a problem.

5) Government Supports

Türkiye is one of the countries where startups are most supported by the government. We provide grant support such as project financing, branding support, promotion support to foreign markets

Startups coming to Türkiye under the Tech Visa Program will be able to apply easily for these funds when they require any.

6) Tax Exemptions

When you take part in a technopark under Tech Visa, you will be accessing various incentives.
You can benefit from exemptions on the value-added tax, corporate tax, customs tax, etc.
Incentives are applied to staff premiums as well, technically eliminating the income tax for them.

7) Free Access to the Health System

Türkiye provides an effective health insurance system. All staffers can avail of health services free of charge. The state pays the insurance premiums of the employees of tech companies.

We can do better together…

    Türkİye is at the center of the world

    It offers easy access to a total population of 1.3 billion and a market worth 26 trillion US Dollars, covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa region and Central Asia within a 4-hour flight distance.

    Let us remind you that there are direct flights from Türkiye to more than 120 countries. Thanks to this market potential, the number of companies with international capital in Türkiye was 5,600 in 2002, but now it is more than 75,000. In other words, Türkiye's potential has been proven by international investors.

    Great minds think alike.

    When you come to Türkiye to develop and strengthen your startups, you have comprehensive advantages from the moment you start.

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