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In today's rapidly evolving world of technology, Türkiye stands out with its technoparks that support innovative projects and entrepreneurs, serving as the heart of technology. These technoparks, spread across every corner of Türkiye, empower advancements in the field of science and technology.
Türkiye Tech Visa program aims to enhance our country's competitiveness by collaborating with technoparks, integrating global talents into Türkiye's technological ecosystem. Through these partnerships, Türkiye continues to position itself as a significant player on the global stage in technology and innovation.
Through collaboration agreements with technoparks within the scope of the Türkiye Tech Visa Program, entrepreneurs will have access to opportunities such as;

  • Free Office Space,
  • Training Sessions (Business Model Canvas, Business Development, Customer Analysis, Financial Basics for a Start-ups etc.)
  • Consultancy Services,
  • Participation in Domestic and International Events,
  • Involvement in Incubation and Acceleration Programs,
  • Services for Benefiting from Support Programs,
  • Project Management Services,
  • Utilization of the Research Centers

The technoparks collaborating under Türkiye Tech Visa Program are as follows:

Antalya TeknokentAntalya Teknokent Yönetici ve İşletici A.Ş

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Antalya Teknokent is home to innovative companies that produce and use R&D-oriented advanced technology. Antalya Teknokent Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center was established by Antalya Teknokent in 2018. The Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center has the capacity to provide services for up to 80 people in an area of 800 m². The center has a prototype laboratory, a common event stage, 2 seminar halls, meeting rooms and a structure that provides unlimited service 24/7.

Antalya Teknokent continues to work with all its strength to be in a different position among the best technoparks in Türkiye with its vision and mission. Antalya Teknokent operate the companies 48% of in software, 16% in informatics, 9% in electrical and electronic software, 6% in agriculture, 6% in health, 5% in biotechnology, 4% in engineering, 2% in chemistry, 2% in aviation and defense, and 2% in food.

Here are some examples from Antalya Teknokent’s activities:

Plant Breeding Project Market:

Plant Breeding Project Market (BIPP) is held annually in Antalya. It is Türkiye's largest agriculture fair nationally.

The projects are important for the development of plant breeding in Türkiye. It is an important event for companies and entrepreneurs, the foundation of long-term cooperation based on breeding and project will be laid and that the agricultural sector will be able to produce with high added value. A strong cooperation in agricultural fields will be ensured by bringing entrepreneurs and companies working in agricultural fields and food together under the same ecosystem in the Plant Breeding Project Market.

Sustainable Business Model Development Acceleration Program (SustainCARE):

Selected from among the CARETTA Pre-Incubation initiatives based on their high uniqueness and export potential, businesses are included in the Sustainable Business Model Development "SustainCARE" program, where they undergo a specialized program to design a "Sustainable" business model. Throughout the program, participants receive tailored training and mentorship to meet their specific needs.

Commercialization Acceleration Program (BusinessCARE):

BusinessCARE is an acceleration program organized to prepare tech entrepreneurs who have a business plan, prototype, and received investment for their business idea in technical, administrative, and organizational aspects to be market-ready. Participants in the program undergo in-depth market, target audience, technology, competitor, and patent analyses for the products they have developed or are developing. The economic value of the product is determined based on this information, facilitating entrepreneurs to engage in discussions with both domestic and foreign investors.

Creative and Innovative Business Idea Development Program (IdeaCARE):

It is aimed for entrepreneur candidates with business ideas who have not yet established their Start-Up or Spin-Off to benefit from basic applied trainings and mentoring services that will contribute to the development of innovative and creative business ideas in line with the country's priorities and strategies. Entrepreneur candidates who have graduated from the IdeaCARE Acceleration Program can go to the Sustainable Business Model Development Acceleration Program SustainCARE and Commercialization Acceleration Program BusinessCARE Programs specified in the flow of the program, and if they meet the nature of the business idea and application conditions, they can benefit from the transition to the BIGG AKDENİZ Program or other acceleration programs carried out within Antalya Teknokent and Antalya Teknokent Caretta Pre-Hatching facilities free of charge.

TUBITAK BIGG Implementing Organization "BIGG AKDENIZ" Program (BIGG):

Antalya Teknokent carries out the BİGG AKDENİZ Implementing Organization project as the first stage evaluator organization on behalf of TÜBİTAK. It is aimed to support the activities from the idea stage to the market so that entrepreneurs can transform their technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into enterprises with high potential to create added value and qualified employment, thus encouraging qualified entrepreneurship and creating start-up companies that can develop innovative, high-tech products and services with international competitiveness. The program has been ongoing since 2018.

European Union Enterprise Network COSME Project (COSME):

Antalya Teknokent has been conducting a European Union project as a WEST-MED consortium within the scope of the European Business Network - COSME project since 2014 and provides mentoring and consultancy services for SME-scale companies to take part in the global market. In particular, strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs contributes to the creation of new business areas and economic growth. Antalya Teknokent is one of the four partners of the Western Mediterranean consortium in the project supported by the European Commission. The other partners are Antalya KOSGEB Service Directorate, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mediterranean Informatics Summit:

The Mediterranean Informatics Summit is an event that aims to bring together a wide range of participants from students to academics, from IT organizations to professionals in the IT sector. Organized for the 7th time in 2023, the summit is one of the largest IT summits in Türkiye and the Mediterranean and was held with the theme of "Technology and Informatics Century" in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of our Republic. Participants learned about the latest technological developments, predictions about the future of the sector and new trends in the IT world. The Mediterranean Informatics Summit aims to be an important event that offers an environment of inspiration and cooperation as well as information sharing for those in the IT sector.

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Bilişim VadisiBilişim Vadisi Teknopark A.Ş.

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Bilişim Vadisi, a technology development zone that aims to significantly contribute to Türkiye's technological and innovation development, is a platform for transforming science into technology, and technology into products, which are then commercialized. The platform seeks to strengthen the ecosystem in the categories of Mobility, Connectivity Technologies, Cyber Security, Design Technologies, Smart Cities, and Game Development Technologies, each of which has its own clusters.

Bilişim Vadisi, which began as an idea in 2011 and started to be built physically in 2015, was launched in 2019 and is Türkiye's largest technology development zone since 2021.

Playing an important role in realizing the vision of the National Technology Move, Bilişim Vadisi carries out its activities intending to ensure the economic and technological independence of Türkiye. Accordingly, Bilişim Vadisi acts as an important bridge in transferring the success of Türkiye's defense industry to civilian technologies.

Bilişim Vadisi, Türkiye's technology and innovation hub, aims to enable the production of new technologies and products with high-added value that will strengthen Türkiye's power.

Bilişim Vadisi aims to ensure the production of new technologies and products with high-added value that will strengthen Türkiye's power. Centered in Kocaeli and including Istanbul and Izmir campuses in the Mega Technology Corridor network, Bilişim Vadisi has taken its first international step in Baku and continues to grow day by day.

Bilişim Vadisi has more than 600 companies working in information, communication, and connectivity technologies, cyber security, smart cities, energy, design, and gaming sectors, especially in mobility.

Since its establishment, Bilişim Vadisi has been hosting the following:

  • Over 1000 startup applications;
  • 632 ongoing projects,
  • 384 completed projects, and
  • Over 600 companies.

Nearly 8000 personnel are working on R&D projects in Bilişim Vadisi.

One of the prominent features of Bilişim Vadisi is the ecosystem vision. "Connectivity", which is one of the focal points of Bilişim Vadisi, is realized within its own ecosystem. At the heart of the Mega-Technology Corridor vision, Bilişim Vadisi adopts the wallless ecosystem model and implements the cloud system in Türkiye's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Known-how transfer, collective strategies, and clustering centers are created among the companies and startups within Bilişim Vadisi under this system. Besides the physical facilities offered to startups, Bilişim Vadisi also supports them at every stage of their commercialization process.

Bilişim Vadisi Incubation Business Center hosts pre-incubation and incubation initiatives operating in civil technologies such as mobility, connectivity technologies, smart cities, and cyber security. Tech startups are supported to achieve their goals in all processes from idea to commercialization activities. The Center, which supports entrepreneurs with basic and advanced trainings as well as modern workspaces, creates a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs not only with its physical space but also with the Matryoshka Model it creates with the institutions it works with. Thanks to the "Incubation Motivation" model, all entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their professional work experiences with all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

The entrepreneurs who qualify to be a member of the Incubation Business Center can easily access the following opportunities: outdoor and indoor office facilities, special trainings customized to their level of technology readiness, financial and legal consultancy, patent consultancy support, R&D exemption support, mentoring, and technical mentoring.

One of the most important activities of the Incubation Business Center is the Accelerator and Demo Day Programs. Entrepreneurs who want to be included in Bilişim Vadisi startup ecosystem within the scope of this program can collaborate with other partner companies and select their entrepreneurs to further their work in their current projects.

Bilişim Vadisi also offers entrepreneurs the financial support they need. Two investment funds have been launched accordingly. The first of these is the Venture Capital Investment Fund established in partnership with Bilişim Vadisi, Vakıf Katılım, Albaraka Türk, and KOSGEB. Bilişim Vadisi Venture Capital Investment Fund (VCIF) was established to invest in startups that pass the idea stage and find a place in the market.

Launched with an initial capital of TRY 100 million, the fund has now exceeded TRY 500 million. Within the scope of the fund, more than 2000 startups were analyzed and 36 startups were invested in.

The 4th VCIF, which can be a lifeblood for startups that are still at the seed stage, was launched at the end of 2022 in partnership with Arz Portföy. Within the scope of the 4th VCIF, nearly 80 startups have been evaluated so far and 6 startups have been invested in. It is aimed to invest in 250 startups by the end of 2027

Bilkent Cyberpark Ankara Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Kurucu ve İşletici A.Ş


Bilkent CYBERPARK was established in 2002 by Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding. It is one of the first and biggest technoparks of Türkiye and the first technopark that was established by a foundation university. There are more than 300 companies that are working in various sectors, 5 Research Centers and more than 5000 R&D employees in Bilkent CYBERPARK. Besides high-quality office services, Bilkent CYBERPARK sustains value-added services via its national and international awarded programs that are designed for companies’ need to develop and cooperate. In 2022, Bilkent CYBERPARK has received the first place in Türkiye in the performance index which was announced by Republic or Türkiye Ministry of Industry and Technology.

As part of this mission, Bilkent CYBERPARK establishes partnerships not only to sustain its presence in target countries but also to consistently provide growth opportunities for companies and incubated firms, aiming to identify potential business prospects.

At Bilkent CYBERPARK, various programs and activities are conducted for entrepreneurs both nationally and internationally. These programs are as follows:


The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program (GDP) is one of the pre-incubation programs where one-on-one interviews are conducted with entrepreneur candidates who have business ideas, and they are directed to potential support mechanisms and informed about technopark processes.

Entrepreneurship competitions where entrepreneur candidates write codes for 24-48 hours, generate ideas and evaluate their projects by the expert jury on a theme determined by Bilkent CYBERPARK together with national and international sector players.

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Free and online mentorship service that is offered to tech-based startups and entrepreneurs that are at least in the prototype stage by sector experts.

cyber cult

The pre-incubation program that supports digital cultural ideas and initiatives of young people between the ages of 18-29, implemented with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Türkiye.


A pre-incubation program in which business plan writing camp organized for entrepreneur candidates to turn their tech-based business ideas into successful business plans and become a company with the TUBITAK investment support.


The event where mobile and web-based start-ups compete by making presentations to investors and industry leader companies.

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A global competition where entrepreneurs can compete with their business ideas in a real ring to go to global final and attend mini accelerator program.


An investment camp that matches prominent investors of Türkiye with Ankara start-ups one to one to provide potential investment opportunities.

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Technology companies come together with corporate partners one to one in the program which they held cooperation negotiations.


Europe focused accelerator for early stage start-ups based on specialized business, product and technology improvements aiming to increase their commercialization activities.


The first and only applied technology transfer training program with the cooperation of Bilkent CYBERPARK and the Technology Development Foundation of Türkiye (TTGV).


Acceleration program designed in the UK for scale-up and start-up companies to increase exports, develop cooperation and internationalize.


A joint collaboration program between Bilkent CYBERPARK and various tech centers located in the USA for entrepreneurs which have prototypes and target the USA as a market.


The cluster running with the support of Republic of Türkiye Ministery of Trade to enable companies to enter global market by increasing their export capacities. ICT Cluster was established in 2013 for the purpose of empowering companies with trainings, consultancies, international marketing and trade delegations.

Erciyes TeknoparkErciyes Teknopark A.Ş.

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About Erciyes Teknopark

Erciyes Technopark is a science and technology zone that commenced operations in 2007. Situated in Kayseri, one of the largest city in the Central Anatolia region, Erciyes Technopark hosts over 270 technology companies, with more than 70 of these being regional spin-off companies founded by academics.

There are approximately 2000 R&D personnel in the region, supported by four different universities, especially Erciyes University, which provide qualified human resources. The universities in the region have more than 3000 academicians and over 70,000 students specializing in fields such as software, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and agriculture. Additionally, there are research centers in the region focusing on genetics, stem cells, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology.

Erciyes Technopark, in zone-1, covers an open area of approximately 120,000 m2 and a closed area of 37,500 m2. It includes five office buildings and a hangar for large-scale R&D studies in the region.

In Erciyes Technopark offices, various infrastructures such as heating, air conditioning, high-speed internet, backup internet, and satellite broadcasting are provided as ready-made. These office spaces are often preferred by companies engaged in software development, IT, design, and engineering.

Hangar office areas offer direct access to the outside and are favored by companies in biotechnology, robotics, mechatronics, batteries, chemistry, materials, and related fields. Some companies have established clean rooms in these areas.

Erciyes Technopark offers various tax reductions and incentives provided by the government. Additionally, the rental fees at Erciyes Technopark are competitive.

Erciyes Technopark is located in the city center and next to the Erciyes University campus. The area is easily accessible by public transportation, including trams and buses, and offers many free parking spaces.

Erciyes Technopark features two restaurants and a cafe on-site. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and cafes within a 1 km radius of the area. The region also offers six meeting rooms of various sizes and a conference hall to serve the community. Moreover, there are over 3000 trees and more than 30,000 m2 of green space in the vicinity.

erciyes 2.jpg

Erciyes Technopark has completed the master plan for zone 2, and construction work has commenced in this new area. This region, which features numerous detached office areas, is scheduled to begin serving in the summer of 2024.

Erciyes Teknopark Extra Services
Erciyes Technopark offers many additional services, including a large incubation center called SERA. This center provides ready-made and free office spaces to aspiring entrepreneurs, along with entrepreneurship training and mentoring support.

An angel investment network was established by Erciyes Teknopark. There are more than 150 angel investors in the network. Investdays are organized regularly. Many startups in the region received investments.

Erciyes Technopark also offers technology transfer office services, providing free consultancy to companies in the region on intellectual property rights. The park also facilitates intermediary services for collaborative R&D projects between companies and universities.

Erciyes Technopark is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Through the EEN network operating in 64 countries, Erciyes Technopark provides companies with access to commercial and technical partners.

Erciyes Technopark also houses a rapid prototyping workshop, a game studio, a recording studio, and a smart classroom, all of which serve the region.

Gaziantep Teknopark Gaziantep Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Kurucu Ve İşletici A.Ş.


Gaziantep Technopark commenced its operations in October 2008, providing a conducive environment for the commercialization of successful endeavors in scientific and technological fields, particularly within Gaziantep University's Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, and Research and Application Hospital. It aims to shed light on academic knowledge for technology companies in the region.

Situated within the Gaziantep University campus on a 163-acre area, Gaziantep Technopark consists of a 3000 m² A Block and a 1250 m² B Block. It hosts companies operating in various fields such as Software, Information Technology, Design, Consultancy, Biotechnology, Food, Machinery, Textile, Environmental Technologies, Pharmacology, Medical Technologies, Calibration, Electrical-Electronics, and Energy. The completed and operational Technology Transfer Center covering 4,350 m² of space with C Block and D Block, equipped with laboratory and office environments, strengthens Gaziantep Technopark's infrastructure. With nanotechnology and mechatronics laboratories introduced in the mid-2016, it contributes to the development of investors in R&D and innovation, enhancing regional competitiveness.

188 technology companies operate within Gaziantep Technopark. 90% of the companies consist of software companies. The annual turnover of the companies has increased 70 times in three years and reached 0 million. The companies export approximately million. The companies employ 863 R&D engineers, 183 of whom are women.

The programs and projects conducted by Gaziantep Technopark are as follows:

ENHANCER is a sustainable entrepreneurship capacity improvement project funded by the European Union and coordinated by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) under the coordination of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development Agencies. The project aims to enhance the entrepreneurial capacities in Gaziantep, Türkiye, particularly focusing on Syrian and Turkish entrepreneurs with business ideas in the region. The goal is to contribute to the increase in employment and competitiveness in the region by supporting entrepreneurs in refining their business ideas through various training programs within the Research and Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark. The objective of the program is to adapt the services of Technopark companies for use by Turkish and Syrian entrepreneurs, fostering the development of innovative ventures and startup companies.

Qatar Fund for Development- SPARK: Gaziantep Technopark Capital Support Program for Innovative and Technological Entrepreneurs: This is the first time implemented Grant/Hybrid Venture Support project in Türkiye by Gaziantep Technopark. Within the scope of the project, a total of 75 business idea applications were received, including Turkish and Syrian entrepreneurs. Among them, a total of 16 successful entrepreneurs (9 Syrian - 7 Turkish) completed the company establishment procedures and started their activities at the Gaziantep Incubation Center. The supports provided within the scope of the project are:
• Company establishment support
• Personnel salary support
• Rent and general expenses support
• Business development support
• Globalization support
• 100% hybrid support for government incentives

Gaziantep Technopark provides a maximum duration of 36 months for its incubation services. During this period, companies receive training, mentorship, and consultancy services.

HİSER Project: 19 entrepreneurs from Gaziantep Technopark have qualified to benefit from the HİSER Project's export development program.
In collaboration with Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and Gaziantep Technopark, services will be procured from relevant consultancy firms to create a needs analysis for the cluster formed by the identified companies in the software sector. In addition to identifying deficiencies affecting the competitiveness of the companies, activities will be carried out to address and rectify these shortcomings.

The 'Gaziantep Software and Information Cluster' HİSER project aims to increase the competitiveness levels of software companies in Gaziantep and thus in Türkiye, along with boosting the country's software exports. As the project is geared towards exporting high-value-added products, it is expected to make significant contributions to Türkiye's growth targets for 2023. The objectives following the completion of the project include facilitating non-exporting firms to start exporting, increasing the export value of exporting firms by at least 10% within three years, assisting in the establishment of foreign trade departments, facilitating the discovery of new markets, and contributing to market diversification.

Yıldız TeknoparkYıldız Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Teknopark A.Ş.

yıldız 1

YTU Yıldız Technopark, which started its operations in 2009 at YTU Davutpaşa Campus and continues to grow in line with the principle of sustainable development, now serves in an R&D office area of 148,000 m2, with the opening of the 23,500 m2 İkitelli campus, which started its operations at the end of 2014.

YTU Yıldız Technopark continues its efforts to strengthen the national R&D and innovation infrastructure to support Türkiye's 2023 goals. At the same time, it strives to ensure sustainability in university-industry collaboration and works towards becoming a productive technology center with advanced technology and high standards. Engaging in various sectors such as artificial intelligence, software, telecommunications, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aviation, healthcare, food, energy, defense industry, construction, and more, YTU Yıldız Technopark serves the ecosystem with 700+ R&D and incubation firms and over 14,000 qualified R&D and software personnel.

YTU Yıldız Technopark aims to achieve regional leadership with its Technology, Incubation, and Marketing Offices located in many regions worldwide, in line with the 2025 Vision. The goal is to implement projects both nationally and internationally, aiming to be a significant player in global competition.


In the near future, YTU Yildiz Technopark aims to operate in 6 countries and 7 offices. Following Dubai and Tashkent, it provides market and mentoring services to technology companies in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Chicago, facilitating entry into local ecosystems.

YTU Yildiz Technopark not only establishes a globally integrated network across all its offices worldwide but also provides access to global funds. Its services aim to ease the entry of technology firms into local ecosystems and create a seamless global network for innovation and collaboration.

At YTU Yıldız Technopark, various programs and activities are conducted for entrepreneurs both nationally and internationally. Some of the programs are as follows:

yıldız 2

YTU Innovation Hub is the address where high-tech products are transformed into commercial outputs for entrepreneurs, bringing together academic and technical teams to create a strong synergy.

YTU Innovation Hub, where Mobility & Autonomous Vehicle clustering studies are conducted, hardware incubation companies collaborate on investment routes, and high-value-added R&D collaborations are established, operates with the motivation to introduce products to the global market with its structure compliant with global standards.

It specializes in innovative projects in the fields of robotic automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse, mobility, autonomous vehicles, and energy.

With its robust infrastructure, it provides support for numerous national and international competitions. It assists in national technology movement competitions like Teknofest and international competitions such as FRC, FLL, and WRO robot competitions held in the United States.

yıldız 3

YTU Startup House provides an innovative and competitive environment for ventures operating in the fields of technology, R&D, and innovation. At YTU Startup House, where it reimagines the future with technology-focused ideas touching every aspect of life, it selects, nurtures, and effectively manages a portfolio of ventures with technological business ideas, facilitating their growth and global expansion.

YTU Startup House not only facilitates access to capital through an early-stage venture fund but also develops export-focused services with its international offices, organizing accelerators that enhance entrepreneurs' export capacities. It supports aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups with diverse profiles through programs such as Yildiz Academic Incubation, Pre-Incubation, and Incubation Programs.

The incubation center, YTU Startup House, serves as a powerful bridge, bringing together not only entrepreneurs but also academics, investors, and corporate companies. It offers a platform where entrepreneurs easily access startup programs, match with mentors looking at life from different perspectives under the same roof, creating a dynamic ecosystem.